Project References

Freelance Cloud Solution Architect

Self-employed (Borchers Media, 01.07.2021 – now)

Ansible, Terraform, AWS, Concourse CI, Kubernetes, ELK, SAP, CloudFormation, DNS

  • Migration of former Lift & Shift Projects to more cloud native approaches
  • Cloud infrastructure design
  • Stabilization of cloud managed services
  • Implementation and Documentation for “AWS native” hybrid DNS Services
  • Code audits of deployment code
  • Hardening existing Infrastructure
  • Migration of SAP-Infrastructure for better maintainability
  • Documentation and trainings for 1st and 2nd Level Support Teams

DevOps Architect (Full Time)

Dr. Glinz COVIS GmbH Düsseldorf (01.07.2020 – 30.06.2021)

Kubernetes, Ansible, AWX, Terraform, Kustomize, Azure, ISO 27001, VMWare

  • Designing new Infrastructure (cloud and on-prem) to switch from windows server to linux
  • New company wide DevOps tooling based on Ansible AWX
  • Hardening Kubernetes clusters for different customers (“bare metal” k8s and managed k8s)
  • Automating Windows Server Infrastructure with Ansible
  • Linux full lifecycle automation
  • (WIP) Infrastructure Self Service Portal based on AWX

SRE Team Lead (Full Time)

Red Reply GmbH Frankfurt (01.01.2019 – 30.06.2020)

Ansible, Terraform, AWS, Concourse CI, Jenkins, TISAX, Kubernetes, Mainframe Infrastructure, ELK, SAP

  • Lead Developer “IaC for Connected Car Applications”
  • Hardening Cloud OS Images
  • Cloud infrastructure design for SAP applications
  • Lead architect “IaC SAP Cloud applications”
  • Lift & Shift of legacy Applications (Oracle Siebel, T-Systems RVS)
  • Establishing DevSecOps for former “DevOps” Projects
  • Penetration and reliability Tests based on “chaos engineering”
  • Kubernetes and Ansible training programs company wide
  • Implementing secure password processes based on cloud infrastructure
  • Documentation and trainings for 1st and 2nd Level Support Teams

Systems & Networks (Full Time)

Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf (2016 – 2018)

GitLab, ansible, node.js, Linux, docker, HPC, InfiniBand, network management, webRTC, Splunk

  • Update and maintenance of the git infrastructure
  • Transition from XMPP to a more modern, slack like alternative with node.js and mongoDB
  • Setup a CI/CD infrastructure
  • Storage expansion of the HPC Cluster to 3.4PB
  • Setup of new HPC compute nodes
  • Expanded the monitoring capabilities with python and Splunk
  • Frameworks with docker for continuous integration
  • Ansible Playbooks for all infrastructure projects including the chat server and CD/CI infrastructure
  • Search Framework and Website for local S3 Buckets with Elasticsearch